September 14, 2014

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Tips and tricks for Destiny

This post is basically a long list of things I learned about Destiny, so that I can refer friends and others to it instead of repeating myself.

This post contains observations. There will most likely be inaccuracies here.

Character race and sex

Race or sex have no meaning in this game other than cosmetic. Pick your female Exo character if you like its look, but it won’t have any benefits that humans or awoken doesn’t have, or vice versa.


Each class has 2 subclasses. The second subclass becomes available for all your characters once you have a level 15 character. Opening up the second subclass is not only for the level 15 character, but for your other two characters as well.

Weapon Type: Auto Rifle (Primary)

This weapon is fully automatic (hence the name). It may have recoil which makes it hard to control.

Weapon Type: Scout Rifle (Primary)

This weapon is single-shot. Though it may have recoil that pushes your aim away from the mob, due to the fact that it will return before shooting the next shot you may have high accuracy with this weapon type.

Weapon Type: Hand Cannon (Primary)

Revolver type weapon, does high damage, single-shot, and has lower magazine sizes compared to the scout rifles.

Weapon Type: Pulse Rifle (Primary)

Semi-automatic, shoots bursts of 3 bullets each time you fire it. Might have recoil that makes it hard to control.

Weapon Type: Sniper (Special)

Single-shot high-damage long-range weapons. Low ammo count and small magazines (as with all special weapons).

Weapon Type: Shotgun (Special)

Close-range weapon that does high amount of damage. Damage is because of it firing a multitude of bullets, which spread out, so does little damage from medium range and up. Nice for taking out groups of grunts at close range.

Weapon Type: Fusion Rifle (Special)

Semi-automatic weapon that shoots bursts, but need charge-up time before firing. Note that each burst counts as 1 bullet ammo-wise, so you won’t deplete your ammo storage quicker with this weapon.

Weapon Type: Machine Gun (Heavy)

Fully automatic heavy machine gune.

Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher (Heavy)

Does huge amounts of damage, but you have very little ammo for this.

Weapon Stat: Rate of Fire

Self-explanatory. Higher values, more bullets in the same duration of time.

Weapon Stat: Impact

Need more info here.

Weapon Stat: Range

Need more info here.

Weapon Stat: Stability

Need more info here.

Weapon Stat: Reload

How fast the weapon is to reload.

Postmaster: Lost Items

It seems engrams dropped during a mission, that you missed (or purposefully didn’t pick up) ends up at the postmaster when you later return to the tower.

See my question on gaming for more information.

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