January 21, 2014

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Getting Beyond Compare to work with VisualHG

I am an avid user of VisualHG for Visual Studio 2012 and 2013, enabling me to use TortoiseHG and Mercurial from within Visual Studio, complete with a shiny toolbar and a “pending changes” window.

One thing that have always irked me about VisualHG is that it doesn’t use my configured diff tool when I want to see what I have done in a particular file.

Unfortunately, VisualHG is hardcoded to use KDiff3 as its diff tool, regardless of what I’ve configured TortoiseHG to use.

So I created a small replacement executable for KDiff3. Since I’m not using that diff tool I felt it was harmless to replace it.

If you want to use the tool as well, you can download the project files from here through either Mercurial or Git:


You will need to build the project, then copy the build output (from either bin\Debug or bin\Release) to your TortoiseHG directory.

Please note that this will overwrite the original KDiff3.exe file, so if you want to hang on to that just in case, please rename the original file first.

In particular you want to copy these two files:

  • KDiff3.exe
  • KDiff3.exe.config

After copying the two files, edit the config file above to ensure the correct path to the diff tool you want to use is set. I have provided the default settings for Beyond Compare 3, but you can of course specify any diff tool you want as long as it can take 2 filenames and optionally 2 file titles.

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